Thursday, December 30, 2004

MaryAnn Stops To Chat With Robert Goodluck, Buys One Of Those Incredible Sage Sticks

NOB HILL--Robert Goodluck is an icon of the street scene along Central Ave. A Navajo originally from Arizona, Robert is usually seen selling sage sticks in Nob Hill. Sage sticks, or smudge sticks, are used to rid an area of evil spirits. I regard the very act of buying them a harbinger of good fortune...much like seeing a chimney sweep in England. Once Robert did a blessing for MaryAnn and me. I am not necessarily a "spiritual" person, but this blessing is more than a belief. It is bigger than that. It is about being a member of this community. Sometimes we need to be blessed.

Robert said he was going up to Taos to make some more sage sticks. I am not sure he always makes them himself, but he is right now. At any rate, we bought one. They have the most incredible aroma. And, after it dries out a little, we might light it and swoosh it around in the corners of our house.

He charges anywhere from $3.00 to $5.00 per stick, depending on how much he likes you. The more he likes you, the higher the price. How perfect.

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