Tuesday, December 28, 2004

No Free Lunch...But Maybe a Free Breakfast

NOB HILL--There it was. It looked like a full plate of food, probably huevos rancheros. The huevos were gone but the ranchero part was intact. The customer had left the restaurant. My friends at the table looked at me, looked at the plate, and waited. I have done it before.

Who hasn't at least thought about it. Especially at the Flying Star, with their oversized, rich desserts 2/3 still left untouched as the patrons walked out. It always happens with the Raspberry Blackout. It's so good...and so RICH!

And, I have to admit, it happened once at breakfast...the infamous Flying Star Breakfast incident. The lady left. She got in her car and drove away. And at her vacant table sat almost the entire breakfast: bacon, eggs, potatoes, toast. Well, I grabbed it. My friends nodded and smiled like I was the ultimate recycler...until the lady drove back up and parked once again in front of the restaurant. Then they started laughing. And shouting, "Oh my God!"

She apparently had told the staff not to take her plate away, but...well...she didn't tell me. Her breakfast was gone. I was just finishing up the toast. The room got silent as I got up and went outside to meet her.

I just love this neighborhood. Everyone seems to have a sense of humor...and a taste for irony. At any rate, I bought her breakfast. Everyone was happy. And everybody had a story about Yours Truly, Johnny_Mango with which they could beat me over the head...again and again.

"Not this time," I said this morning, looking at the missing eggs.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a episode of Sinefeld!

--GJS http://homepage.mac.com/gregjsmith

johnny_mango said...

Yeah...you're right. I guess it does. Thanks!