Thursday, December 01, 2005

Flanagan at the Line

NOB HILL--Women's basketball coach Don Flanagan has often been attacked for the poor free-throw shooting of various members of his teams. These shots taken at last nights game of Timi E-Nunu and Judy Vogt shooting from the charity stripe seem to show a marked similarity. I would say he does go over the mechanics of free-throw shooting and here is the proof!


phat-chance said...

Unfortunately they only shot 57% from the line last night --- a little more work is needed ( & they telegraphed those passes so clearly that I could have intercepted them from row 30.)

johnny_mango said...

How true...their ft shooting wasn't that great. On the other hand, Minn wasn't much better.

Regarding the passing, I thought Abbie had an off night in that respect (4 turnovers) but the tough defense had an effect as well. Actually, our turnovers to assists ratio was a lot better than the Gophers: 15 to's, 15 a's...vs. 17 to's, 9 a's.

johnny_mango said...

Oh...Phat-Chance...I forgot to you want to trade seats? We sit in Row 2.