Thursday, December 01, 2005

Commenter Prompts Soccer Pix

NOB HILL--The soccer team won last weekend, but I was too wrapped up in the ever-pressing actualized scroll-down of corporeal existence to blog it. But Scoutj in a comment on last night's basketball game mentioned how important these soccer games are. After all, we won the Sweet-16 round and tomorrow play in the Elite-8. That is hard to beat!

I didn't care for the quality of these shots. They are dark action shot taken at a distance where no flash is possible. They do, however, seem to capture the flavor of the moment.

The first photo is the scene right after the winning goal, which came a mere 34 seconds into the overtime. No, I didn't get a shot of the goal...and I don't think anyone else did either. You can see the people in front of me cheering and waving their arms. It was wonderful: 90 minutes scoreless, and then 34 seconds - bingo!

People rushed out onto the field from all directions. The celebration lasted until everyone was back in their cars. Speaking of that, the Lobo women played right after the game, so MaryAnn and I didn't drive home...we just switched parking lots. What a treat. Two victories in one night.

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Scoutj said...

I get goosebumps seeing that again even though I was there in person. I'm so excited for tomorrow night! We have a whole group going and got babysitters for the kids this time.


Thanks for the pictures.