Monday, December 26, 2005

Heads Up! "Jesus Without the Miracles" Will Crack Open the Pearly Gates Mindset

NOB HILL--I am not religious, but I have never denied the spiritual experience. That said, this short article in the December 1st Harper's Magazine is going to set Christianity on its ear. This is going to frame the battle within Christianity that has been so sorely lacking since Jesus was kidnapped in the service of the Republican Party. Actually, it re-frames my own thinking as well.

The article is called "Jesus Without the Miracles: Thomas Jefferson's Bible and the Gospel of Thomas." It was written by Erik Reece. Don't miss this. This is going to be the most discussed article about the Bible in this decade. Finally, in understandable terms, someone explains what the hell happened to Christianity...and where it just might go.

Thanks to John Markuson of Everett, Washington for bringing this to my attention.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for spreading the good word John. Mike and I were sitting at *$s today, reading the NYTs and I watched mike's blood pressure visibly rise as he read about the catholic/pope take on Brokeback mountain- being offensive and not suitable for viewing etc.

Mike's response (having been raised catholic went to notre dame etc) was to question how people we know and love continue to call themselves catholic when the catholic church has become synonymous with intolerance.

I grew up unitarian, meaning I learned that jesus was a man that had some good things to say, but wasn't the only "son of god" and we are all children of god if there happens to be a god.

So I never quite get his uproar about the current state of catholicism because the whole thing never has made much sense to me to begin with... but my response to his uproar is that people need the story. Like the writer of the article experienced, giving up one's faith, even though it may save you, is not easy.

I believe in the importance of a moral code based on compassion and not fear. However the jeffersonian version of the WWJD is a tough standard to live up to. But maybe that's good.

My father, the scientist, atheist is from the old humanist school and I think that is a good start. But the moral code isn't the whole picture when it comes to religion- I need that taste of spirit to feed me- the walt whitman, the rumi, the emerson pulling back the curtain to reach into the unknowable.

Try to do the right thing, become a better person... but that unexpected, untethered joy that feels bigger than me and is usually brought on by moments in nature, those moments within a mundane life is what gets me coming back for more on the spiritual journey.

hey- good to see you at the gym today- hope to see you in one of those spin classes! LPE

Kel aka Daddyo said...

Awesome! I am still chewing on it, but if nothing else it is one of the most exquisite essays I have ever read. Interwoven with a brilliant historical panorama of true Christianity is a poignant story of a young man emerging from profound hurt and delighted to find Truth was there all along. I have already sent links to friends to get their take. Thanks for sharing John; Happy New Year!