Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Why I Dropped The New York Times Headline Feed From My Blog

NOB HILL--It is hard to not regard The New York Times as the so-called "paper of record." I carried their headlines in my sidebar so Albloggerque readers could browse through them and click on stories as they wished. I always figured this would give readers a bigger view of the world than we get here in the local papers.

But a couple of things have caused me to remove their feed.
  1. The Judith Miller fiasco. She planted false "news" stories that promoted the build-up to war...resulting ultimately in the deaths of tens of thousands.
  2. Sitting on the eaves-dropping on Americans story for a year. The New York Times knew Bush was breaking the law a year ago. They sat on it. They sat on it during the election. They sat on it for a whole year. How could any newpaper that is the so-called "paper of record" do that? Frankly, I am disgusted. This is more than taking an editorial stance one way or another. This is the most important newspaper in the country withholding information vital to the public during an election and a war, as well as contributing to an attack on the very foundations of the USA.
So I gave up linking to them...not that they care...but I do.

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