Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Foley - Wilson Connection...I Need Your Help!

NOB HILL--I think we all need to ask a couple of questions in regard to Heather Wilson and Mark Foley. I know it's shoddy, shoddy business to even ask questions. But it is shoddier to not do it.

Foley contributed $100,000 to the Republican Congressional Campaign. Some pundits on TV are asking if that was a payment to keep everything quiet during the election. Heather Wilson got $8,000 from Foley. She was on the committee charged with oversite of the House page program until a couple of years ago. Okay...here are the questions:
  1. Did Mark Foley give money to other members or former members of the committee?
  2. Why, exactly, did Mark Foley of Florida give money to Heather Wilson?
  3. Why does Heather Wilson get to play Santa Claus to All Faiths, a church, and a couple of other deserving groups with this guy's money. A commentor on the NYT blog said she contributed to Foley's campaign and wanted her money back...not spent by a Congresswoman in New Mexico on her favorite charities.
I don't believe in conspiracies, but these are important questions. If anybody can help with some research or information I'll give them space to publish any legitimate findings. Please help. Thanks.


Mario Burgos said...

Jon, not you too. I can't believe it. Whatever happened to the Johnny Mango who cried, "let's focus on the real issues."

Is this a real issue to you? Did I miss your post a few months back when you chastized Governor Bill Richardson for donating to charity some of the $100,000 he received from sometime NM resident, Jeffrey Epstein.

This guy didn't just send text messages, he allegedly lived out his fantasies with child prostitutes.

Maybe you made a commentary on the fact that your road trip buddy, Land Commissoner candidate Jim Baca, was only willing to return the $10,000 he received from this disgusting individual in small increments, so as not to negatively impact his campaign fund.

C'mon on Jon, get out of the slime pit.

johnny_mango said...

I agree Mario. I would much rather focus on the real issues. But this story is still breaking, and I have a couple questions.

If there were donations to committee members that would be quite a story! If there is no connection, I promise I'll say, "Let's drop this. None of it concerns Heather."

Anonymous said...

Burgos: "...get out of the slime pit."

Pot. Meet Kettle.

Garth said...

I think the Dems making a big deal about this sideshow is sad. And I think it might backfire.

My understanding of the Foley donations is simply that he was a very effective fundraiser and raised money/donated to the campaigns of fellow repubs as a matter of course.

Frida said...

Jon, Heather does seem to be scared - based on the blistering, Willie Horton-like ad Heather has just put out. Heather's campaign office is 323-9017. Let them know how you feel. Please take a friend with you to work Patsy's phones - 242-6000 - it is a way to get a message out to those who will listen. There are (amazingly) still people who are undecided. We can't survive two more years of all-Republicans all the time. Their cynicism for government means that they honestly believe that stealing all our money and destroying the government is a job well done. Vote absentee - use a paper ballot.

Anonymous said...

Heather took money from a pedopile WHILE she was working with the page program.

It's slimy NOT to ask these questions, mario.

Howard said...

Follow the money also nothing just happens in politics.

Frida said...

One of the real issues is why a person who was former head of CYFD wouldn't, as a member of the page oversight committee, ensure there was a process in place for ongoing communication with the pages to determine if things like this were going on. Other pages had to know. Heather has been around the block in these matters - but she seems much more likely to respond to Janet Jackson's breast, which her children may have seen, than the fact that the oversight committee should have had better communications with the pages. The real issue is why she seems to have been blindsided on this when she clearly should have been a leader in finding these abuses?

And, speaking of her ability to show concern for the safety of the rest of us, why did she just vote again just a few weeks ago against implementing all the 9/11 commissions recommendations? There is a pattern here - she clearly wants to protect her own children - but when in a position to protect others, she can't get it. In fact, I have often wondered if Republicans just lack the empathy gene, since so many of them don't seem to get the big picture unless something happens to members of their immediate family.

One of my big concerns for this election is that one of the first things W did when he got in was to change the length of time that presidential papers can be sealed. http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn/A20731-2001Oct31

If Democrats don't get control of the House or Senate this election, it will be difficult or impossible to bring criminals in this administration or their cronies, like Halliburton, to justice. This is our money. This is our government. This may be our only chance.

Frida said...

Apologies - the presidential order to limit access to presidential papers - which was criticized by Bill Clinton and historians - was signed in Nov 2001. http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn?pagename=article&contentId=A27293-2001Nov1

johnny_mango said...

Can that order be undone by another act of Congress?

crusader bunnypants said...

Wilson steals the Reporters file, ON CAMERA!!! Unbelivable. I always thought this was an untrue rumor, but thanks to the New Media...

Rep. Wilson (R-NM) Hides Husband's File
It's the cover up stupid. It's always the cover up. Where is the follow up from the "news" media? Where is the outrage from the Editors of the ABQ Journal/Tribune? Covering up for Pedophiles is the height of obscenity, never mind Janet Jackson's Wardrobe Malfunction!


Frida said...

Yes, the next president can overturn this. It concerns me that the neo-cons seem very confident of ongoing, Republican rule.

Keith Olberman has a great editorial from yesterday http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15147009/

Also, here is a good book on presidential powers http://www.blackwell-synergy.com/doi/pdf/10.1111/j.1741-5705.2005.00258.x?cookieSet=1

Anonymous said...

Hypocrite Heather. Her indigination over the superbowl halftime show. Her "crying" over her son seeing that "nasty" incident. Then her husbands file over possible child abuse goes missing three days after she becomes commissioner of Human Services. Then not knowing about Foley? It is a very big issue and she has made it herself. Those who say how moral they are usually have skeletons in the closet and Wiley Wilson is one of them.