Friday, October 06, 2006

Heather Wilson Lies During Investigation

NOB HILL--Wilson's ads attacking the character of Patricia Madrid lead me to post this video of an old newscast. This must be 8 or 10 years ago.

The relevant issue is "coverup." Not only are there problems with her covering up for GWB, look at her cover for her husband whose file on a child abuse police call disappeared.

This is not the Heather who lives by the Air Force Academy code of honor. This is the Heather that does lie and steal.


Mario Burgos said...

Jon, Jon, Jon... how far you've fallen in such a short time. It seems like just yesterday you were asking, "can't we focus on the real issues?" Now, like a man whose fallen off the wagon, you've stepped into the slime pit and just can't pull yourself out.

You're actually pulling out a news clip from 10 years ago? A news clip that shows a very young Heather Wilson mistakenly picking up a file in a pile of papers that the reporter admits he got back only minutes later.

Let me think, how does this compare to Patricia Madrid putting a child predator back on the street just three weeks ago? Oh, that's right, it doesn't compare.

I'm thinking it must have been a slow news day when Larry Barker decided to do that piece. It's hard to believe that the fact that a file got moved from one location to another within the same department was considered newsworthy. Well Jon get on the horn and call Larry Barker, yesterday I just witnessed the librarian moving some books to a different shelf.

Some goofball with a pornagraphic site tried pulling this same stunt in a comment on my blog today. And to think they say that "everything I ever needed to know I learned in kindergarten." What happened Jon? Do the ends justify any means?

johnny_mango said...

But Mario...
You've put up a least half a dozen vicious attacks on Madrid's character on YouTube yourself.

I don't like this role I find myself in, but somebody has to do it.

The issue is her dishonest response, her "none of your business" arrogance, her removing papers about her husband, her lying about it, and finally...her reference in the debate to living by the code of the AFA. She is no sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Johnny Mango. Put this back on the Fix. It deserves a wider airing with Heather Wilson attacking Patricia Madrid while covering up her *personal* corruption (this story) and *professional* incompetence (the page board supposedly overseeing Mark Foley's victims). She's taking a play right out of the Rove playbook (probably at the urging of Rove). Put it on the Fix!

Anonymous said...

I have seen the police report on Wilson's husband. I don't think I still have a copy, but basically a kid who her husband was foster parent for filed a police report after her husband reportedly grabbed him while the two of them were alone at the Wilson home. This was sometime before her first run for Congress ... perhaps in the mid '90s. Her husband's response to the allegation? According to the report, he told police he was "reaching for a piece of pizza" and accidentally touched the kid. Rigggght.

johnny_mango said...

Hey Anonymous,
If you find a copy of that report, I'll put it up where the sun needs to shine. Just scan it and email me.

The Voice said...

Good old Burgos - slings the shit but cries 'foul' long and loud when people use his tactics on him.

what a dick

Keep up the good work Johnny.

Garth said...

Interesting peek into Miss. Jane Hathaway's evil, private persona but the idea that you would resort to smearing her husband by posting confidential and unproven allegations implying that he may be a child molester seems horribly low.

I suspect that it would also be illegal.

Benny the Wop said...

Unfortunately, on this I agree with Mario B. Although I have seen this clip many times over the past several years and it never fails to arouse a little chuckle, I don't see it as particularly useful as a measure of her character nowadays.
What is relevant is:

1) her connections with ARMPAC
2) and similarly with Jack Abramoff
3) her seat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence during illegal NSA domestic spying
4) her involvement with Halliburton, big pharma, energy + gas lobbies (she also serves on the Energy and Commerce Committee)
5) And most importantly, fishy business aside, are her voting record, alignment with the Bush Administration, and stance on issues.

crusader bunnypants said...

Rep. Wilson took an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. Given the POTUS's 800+ signing statements tells me she failed at her oath. She supports the Territorial Pissings in Iraq at a cost of borrowing 2 Billion a week. Republicans have looted the Treasury. They have ripped up the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution. Forget voting to re elect incumbants, Tar and Feather Leather Wilson. Fluff up the feather pillows and smell the hot black tar. enough is enough

It's the Hypocrisy stupid, Heather Wilson has never told a lie my ass

James said...

Never Forget!