Thursday, October 19, 2006

"Lost" Police Incident Report...Is This What Heather Wilson "Lost" 13 Years Ago?

NOB HILL--I do not like this role. But I feel like I am your representative...and you deserve to know what is out there.

I have obtained what appears to be a copy of the Albuquerque Police Incident Report concerning Heather Wilson's husband, attorney Jay Hone. It was sent to me anonymously. This report went missing from the files of both APD and NM HSD soon after Wilson was appointed to head the Human Services Dept. I put up a YouTube video of Wilson being interviewed by Larry Barker about the situation. This video also "went missing" a few days ago and to quote from YouTube, "This video is no longer available."

Basically, the video showed that Heather Wilson had the file containing the police report sent to her Santa Fe office where it disappeared. This was 13 years ago. Today a copy of the report has seemingly resurfaced. I am presenting it here with the caveat that this document was sent to me anonymously and cannot be verified (because the copies on file have disappeared). The officers and therapist, however, could easily be contacted. Also, the items in the report are only allegations. I am publishing the report because of the mystery surrounding its disappearance. I had asked for information and somebody responded. I have blacked out the "victim's" name because he was a minor at the time.

The issue here is her "losing" this report, and then telling Barker that it was "none of your business" where it went. It is her endless character attacks on her opponent that makes this especially relevent. It makes her statement in the last debate that she lives by the code of the Air Force Academy seem like a lie. There are more important issues in this election. But the character of Heather Wilson is also an issue.

I am transcribing the narrative portion of the document as it may be hard to read even after enlarging it.
Upon my arrival I spoke to both Mr. **** and Mr. P. Linderman. I was advised by Mr. Linderman that he is a therapist for Hogares. He was conducting an interview with ****. During the session, **** advised him, last Thursday Jay Hone had taken him to Jay's house. While at the house Jay Hone did touch **** in a way **** thought was sexual.
I spoke to ****. He told me Jay Hone is his lawyer. He has him because he has no parent or guardian. He now lives at a group home. And "Jay looks after my best interests in court," **** said. That night Jay asked him up and went to his house. They had a pizza and a "movie" to watch. There was nobody else in the house. Jay's wife was out of town and his son wasn't home. While they were watching the movie **** said he had to go to the bathroom. Returning back to the livingroom, as he was sitting back down, **** said, Jay "grabbed" or "touched" his butt. He yelled, "Hey", at Jay, "What are you doing?" Jay told him he was just reaching for another slice of Pizza. Afterwards nothing else happened. Jay took him back to the group home.
Mr. **** advised me that Jay Hone does take him to places to eat on a regular basis. Mr. Hone does it to ask how he is doing, as far as getting along with people, Mr. **** said. He also told me since that night there has been no difference in how Jay treats him. "He's still the same." He told me he does not want Mr. Hone arrested and that he just wanted to talk to somebody about it.

I am a little uneasy publishing this. I figure if they have the power to make a YouTube video disappear, they will try to do something to me and this site. I would suggest to anyone interested, enlarge and print the documents above while you have the chance. Truth is important. Public records belong to all of us. Nobody's police report should "go missing" just because it embarrasses somebody important.


Anonymous said...

Scary stuff Johnny. I wondered why you didn't link to the Heather Wilson stuff on DCF.

Claire said...

Did you know that you have the power to remove any YouTube video as well?

All you have to do is flag it as "inappropriate" and YouTube will pull it faster than lightening.

I happens all the time on YouTube. They don't even check if it really is inappropriate- they just take users word for it.

There's a huge controversy about YouTube's censorship going on around the web these days.

Big Brother is watching said...

Youtube was recently purchased by Google. Google has donated money to Heather Wilson's and the RNC's campaign for re-election. It is easy to look up.

Anonymous said...

I noticed Heather Wilson has her own youtube page. Then I noticed my Heather Wilson video had been removed. It featured Wilson crying about Janet Jackson's boob, and enertainment execs lining their pockets as if she isn't some war whore for Sandia Nookular Labs. It showed Jay Hones Police File and had Michael Jackson dancing around