Friday, October 27, 2006

Good-Bye Heather...Don't Forget to Write!

NOB HILL--It looks like Heather Wilson is leading the way right across the border. Now that certainly is showing us New Mexicans an independent streak.

Hey Heather...Don't look back!
Just keep going...and don't get stuck on those saguaros!

This mailer from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce states that "Wilson is committed to harnessing New Mexico's Natural Resources." I wonder if that means they are going to ship the power to Phoenix...or are they just lost. Actually this shot looks like it might have been taken right outside of Tucson.

Wherever it was taken, it was a long, long way from New Mexico's 1st Congressional District.


Benson said...

What? Saguaros??!?!? Someone get the Journal on line one! They have to report on this. This is big, even bigger than the debate!

(When will these DC "consultants" learn?)

greg Smith said...

You gotta admit, its a good picture. I wish I could be in the right spot to get one like that next time I'm in AZ.