Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Artist Russell Adams Encounters Beauty at the Magazine Counter

NOB HILL--I ran into The Artist Russell Adams the other day. We sat a while at the tables in front of the Flying Star. The conversation flowed from this to that...and then Russell said, "I had a fantastic time with a woman here the other night."

Well, this piqued my interest since in the 6 years or so that I have known Russell he has not dated anybody, although he does usually remark on the beauty of several women everytime I see him. "Yes," he said, "we talked at that counter by the magazines for almost two hours. I had a fantastic time!"

"I see."

"And she really liked me, I could tell. She was beautiful, smart, funny. I really had a great time."


"I told her I would like to see her there again. She said she would love to talk to me some more too. So we kind of promised to meet at the same counter again soon."


"But I haven't seen her since." Russell really did look disappointed. And in terms of picking up women in the Flying Star the motto has to be Carpe Diem.

"Sieze the day Russell! You know these moments never come twice. Did you get her name?"


"And I guess that means no phone number either."

"Well, I didn't want to push it...she's only 26."

(sigh...) "I guess I should file this one under Artists and Their Fantasies."


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lisa said...

poor russell!