Thursday, August 04, 2005

Moss, Espinosa, and APS: Recent Posts Prove Dead Bees DO Bite

NOB HILL--"Ever been bit by a dead bee?" asks Walter Brennan in the movie version of Hemingway's To Have and Have Not. Three of my recent posts came back to life this morning in today's news.

  1. The Vincent Moss Incident. There is an advertisement in today's Journal and Tribune showing a picture of Dr. Moss in a necktie and lab coat. It asks that, "anyone who may have information is invited to call the HOTLINE NUMBER of Joe O'Brien Investigations, Inc. at 1-800-670-2347." This is a New York number...and its office is on Wall St. Joe O'Brien himself sounds like he might know a thing or two. This is from his website:
    A Special Agent of the FBI for nearly 20 years, O'Brien received the Attorney General's distinguished Service Award in 1987 as the "Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer of the Year". O'Brien, who earned a Master of Social Sciences degree from Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Citizen ship and Public Affairs, is also an internationally-acclaimed best-selling author, having co-authored Boss of Bosses: The Fall of the Godfather (Simon and Schuster, 1991)
    . As early as 2 weeks ago, the Gallup Independent ran a story saying that 9 attorneys from around the country had called Dr. Moss offering their services. He has apparently settled on one and they have hired a private investigator to help gather information. This may mean that they are pretty certain of the facts of the case and are looking for witnesses. If this is right, I make these predictions: a major part of the case will center around APD's perceived negligence in continuing to employ Hancock after losing the first two lawsuits. They knew he had a problem. Next, it will cost us millions. Finally, Hancock will not be with APD after this is over.
  2. Judy Espinosa got 2,455 signatures reinstated on her petitions by State District Judge Geraldine Rivera. Why this is important...This is not just about the Espinosa campaign, it is about 2,455 people who were refused participation in the political process getting their rights back. Apparently the City Clerk was disallowing signatures that gave an address different from the one on the voter lists. They are still able to vote, however. They just go to their old precinct. There are other issues as well. What about middle initials, for instance? It seemed to be up to individual clerks as to how everything was handled. There is a loser in this: Eric Griego. Espinosa's being on the ballot will probably hurt his chances. But there is a winner here...and I am not talking about Judith Espinosa. There are 2,455 Albuquerqueans who won today as well.
  3. APS Superintendent Beth Everitt gets a $25,000 raise. This is announced two days after scores are released showing twice as many schools are "in need of improvement" as last year. Do you know that if a school stays "in need of improvement" for 5 or 6 years the whole staff can be fired? But the Superintendent gets a $25,000 raise on the heels of a devastating report. Talk about avoiding responsibility.


Anonymous said...

Is it legal to vote at the precinct matching an old address? I thought not.

johnny_mango said...

There probably is a time limit. But it is common...especially among college students, divorce cases, house mates, apartment dwellers, etc.

Kelly said...

Whether it is legal or not, it definitely happens. My husband voted in our old precinct for two years before getting around to registering at our new address.

Anonymous said...

of course it does, but that's not the point. if you remember your old precinct enough to vote there, then put the same address down when you sign the petition

lisa said...

i think a lot of the fault lies with the people going around getting signatures. In my experience, when i am signing something like that, and have a question, the person getting the signatures is a bored college student who doesn't know/care about proper procedure. Ah, democracy!