Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Snapshots from Last Night's Duke City Fix Party's

DOWNTOWN FLYING STAR--Here are some random snapshots of the DCF get-together. Not all the shots I took came out if you are missing, that is why. Also, I apologize for not remembering everybody's name. If you email me, I will correct any mistakes or omissions.

The M-Pyre: Maggie, Marjorie, and Mjae. Displaying their "keening insight," they were first to order food.

The Beautiful MaryAnn White. We share our lives with each other.

Greg Burton has dropped out of the City Council race. He remains a student of the blog phenomenon, reading 228 blogs every day.

Susanna Skye, wearing the best head of red hair I have ever seen in my life, usually works across the desk from Greg Burton. There may be more to this story, but that's all I know.

Gene Grant doesn't look like he wants to share those French fries with David West and Vince. Gene writes a column for the ABQ Tribune. Vince hangs out at Greyhounder's Tales: Raves, Rants, and Fables.

Mario Burgos reads almost as many blogs as Greg, about 150. They both use aggregators, so it isn't quite as hard as it sounds. Mario tries to anticipate trends this way before they are readily apparent.

I met Kelley Vickers for the first time. He blogs at Eucatastrophe.

Joaquin Guerra writes Soy Blue. He just started his blog. He is convinced that Mario Burgos is Pika Brittlebush. Ohhh...don't say THAT!

Poet and publisher Adam Rubinstein worked hard on the National Poetry Slam. He insists he isn't ready to host another one just yet.

Councilman and Mayoral candidate Eric Griego makes his point in a conversation with several bloggers.

Well, that sort of wraps it up. Many, many blogs feature accounts of what happened and what was said. Mainly, it was just nice to see each other. If you weren't there, maybe next time.


barb-albq said...

Yeah, I had to miss this gathering, but have hopes of attending one in the future. Sounds like it was a big success! (And I have to agree with Joaquin on the Pika ID....)

barb-albq said...

PS Great to see the photos.

Kelley aka Daddyo said...

It was a huge treat putting faces with the brilliant blogs bursting from Burque. Thanks for the mention, and the great post.