Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Johnny_Mango's Dirty Little Secret

NOB HILL--I am going to entrust you with a piece of information that most people (of any generation) would be too embarrassed to share: I attend china painting classes at the senior center. My friends are pretty polite about it...oh they do chuckle when I tell them it is Wednesday morning--time for my china painting class up at Hiland S. C. But they are actually kind of used to it. I have been doing this for almost a year.

But this morning, when I told them I was about to embark on a huge project and that it had me kind of scared, I was stunned at their laughter.

"What are you making now in your china painting class?"

"You know, I'm just starting a footed eggplant tea set. I'm sort of overwhelmed."

"A footed eggplant tea set?"

"Yes...I ordered it out of a catalog. I don't know what to do with it."

"A footed eggplant tea set?"

"I know I don't drink tea...and I am not sure about those feet...but it looked pretty cool in the catalogue...that big pitcher and matching creamer and sugar thing. The pitcher and sugar bowl have matching lids. I started painting the feet but then I got stuck."

"A footed eggplant tea set?"

"Just get over it."

But I did start working on the sides of this monster piece of china. I decided to paint eggplant leaves and flowers on the sides and lids. So I left my class and went home to clip off some blossoms. I only found one wilted flower, but got a lot of leaves to work from.

I hope I do a good job on this. I sure would like to make my friends regret their judgemental attitude. But just maybe nobody could save this project from the back of the "bad idea" shelf.


The Voice said...

I'm sorry Johnny,

Some people have no tact. I and I'm afraid this time, you are going to have to include me in that bunch.

Eggplant, footed tea set? Ahem - and you think people didn't respect you for the Hancock post?

Sorry, I had to pause again. Well, what can I say... Your angst over this is touching.

Don't worry about the naysayers. Painting ceramic eggplant-footed tea sets is better than screaming bloody murder about police misconduct. No one is going to want to meet you in Nob Hill to show you around the seedier porcelan dives I'm sure.

You know Johnny - if teapot painting is what you like to do then by God, go and do it. Just please never tell me you listen to Celine Dion while you are flitting away with that paint brush.

In truth, I really admire you Jon. I can't wait until I am old enough to give my best shot at the Grandma Moses career.

All kidding aside Johnny, I admire your courageous post. You are exploring new frontiers with every post. Let us hope that those Anonymous posters don't come back and decide to smash your tea pot collection. Hide the catalogue in a safe place - just in case.

Be safe

Anonymous said...


What ever became of Michael Perkovich? Last I heard years ago he was cushed out in Hyde Park living with a tenured prof.


Anonymous said...

Hold on. I don't want to be anonymous, but I also don't want to find that Jon has forgotten meeting me. (Yeah, another pseudonym. What can I say. On the run for thirty years. :))