Sunday, August 28, 2005

Friday at the Factory on Fifth

NORTH VALLEY--The Perpetual Enigma Machine, an art show featuring the work of Megan Barber, Wesley Godley, Sam Pillsbury, and Ron Sena opened last Friday at the Factory On 5th. The Factory is scheduled to be converted into studio/lofts in the near future. Meanwhile here are some "through-the-shutter" views of the opening.

My most direct connection with the art show is through Sam. We drink coffee together most mornings at the Nob Hill Flying Star along with everybody in the first picture: The Artist Ken Saville, Betsy, Marcia, Brita, Joe The Gumball King, The Beautiful MaryAnn, Anne, Pete, and Wayne.

Sam, shown here with 3/4 of his piece entitled, "Earth, Water, Fire, and Air," recently obtained his teaching certificate and is looking for a position as an art teacher.

If this shot of The Artist Ken Saville is somewhat remincescent of John Wayne's farewell scene in "The Searchers," it is no accident. Ken and I didn't say anything at the time, but I am positive that as soon as he stood in the doorway he realized how close he was to immortality.

Juxtaposing the Beast and the Beauty has always been a theme in art and literature. In fact, this juxtaposition, this enigma, is the theme of this show. Jess came along just in time to make that comparison possible...with Ken, that is. She works in a couple of places in Nob Hill, La Montanita Co-op and the Flying Star. Her tattoo is hard to ignore. The two skulls on either side of a heart stabbed by a knife sounds like life creeping into art. But never the less, she is stunning in her yellow front of one of Ron Sena's spacescapes.

The earliness of the evening slipped away, and as the sun settled in the west it shone on these clouds to the east. Again we are lifted by an awesome beauty above the mundane minutae of a life spent "getting and spending."

But art does that: it reframes our life. It moves us to see more than what we have seen before. Art changes us.

The Perpetual Enigma Machine hangs until the end of the month.

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