Saturday, August 20, 2005

"Is he really uncoiling his big snake in the patio of Kelly's?

NOB HILL--Don't tell me the full moon doesn't make a difference. Everybody gets a little more full of whatever it is that is fueling their life. Take Pika Brittlebush for the Shop n-Stroll last night she noted with enthusiasm such things as people eating brownies. Frankly, in my imagination, I thought a full moon would push Pika in other directions.

In fact, I didn't see anything Pika mentioned in her post. But my eyes weren't closed either. And a Nob Hill shopping event is not like any shopping event anywhere else in the city. Here is a recounting of the Shop-n-Stroll through a different set of eyes.

This guy on a bicycle-powered blender was the first thing we saw...right on the corner of Tulane and Central. I love bicycles. One of the reasons is that, like swamp coolers and lawn sprinklers, they use understandable technology. You probably can't work on your car anymore, but you can fix your bike...probably even figure out how to make it run a blender.

The theme for the evening had something to do with dogs. I didn't pay enough attention to ever figure it out exactly, but dogs were available for adoption. This was in the parking lot of the Marty Chavez campaign HQ...I hope he kept track of that weblogging dog of his.

At first I thought the Roto-Rooter man had stopped in Kelly's for a brew. I was wrong. The sight of him uncoiling his big snake in the patio was more than some of us wanted to see. But MaryAnn was game.

One of our favorite stores is Peacecraft. It is run by volunteers and they pay the craftspeople a fair price for their work. We found a couple of neat, neat things. One which grabbed our attention was a stack of rugs made from recycled plastic. They were really colorful and would be perfect on a covered patio or porch.

It made us think about home. So that is how our evening ended...with the short walk up the hill.

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