Wednesday, January 26, 2005

At any rate, the people who were listening to those inner voices thought that they were a little bit clearer in the head than everybody else. The other people said, "Well that's only your opinion." That must have made the listeners mad because they made a major effort to get everybody to hear voices. It is sort of like the difference between the two guys in "Sideways." One guy spent hours talking about a fleeting momentary sensation...they other guy just drank the stuff and said it was pretty damn good. Well, some people said life itself was pretty damn good, and the others said, "No, you just don't get it!"

"Getting it" came to mean that nobody gets to rest until everybody "gets it." And the world became a battleground and has to remain thus until all the creatures of earth with opposable thumbs agree on the little voices thing. And a kind of evolution did take now and forever more the people of the Christian nations feel themselves caught between the worlds of good and evil, of light and darkness, of having to choose what God really wants on that hotdog of His: catsup or mustard.

And now it comes to this...we will kill...yes we will kill in that War of Condiments, and our sunny, mustard souls are splattered with the catsup colored blood of heathens. Who will pay the bill for THAT one?

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