Saturday, January 15, 2005

Hot From Ebay's Collectible Section...

EBAY--Please excuse the scatalogical drift of these posts, but I just couldn't resist. Somebody is selling their toilet paper collection on Ebay. This is a worldwide collection, containing tp from such places as China's Forbidden City, the house of Anne Frank, and Bill Clinton's boyhood home.

I know...I know. You're thinking, "Right, this guy got regular toilet paper and just made up where they are from. Well, he asks us to trust him.

Never have I "made up" a story on any of these pieces or substituted some plain ol'e TP and suggested it was from somewhere far away. Furthermore, I am a licensed Southern Baptist Minister and son of a retired United States Air Force Chaplain (who, incidentally, collected some of the more amazing pieces for me). I simply ask you to trust me. If you would like references, I would be happy to supply those to you.
This is a huge collection. It is listed with pictures. And all his paperwork seems to be in order.

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