Wednesday, January 12, 2005

David Stuart: El Guero de Guaymas

NOB HILL--Fame is indeed a fickle mistress. In all of my recollection of Albuquerque history there are only two men who have had the distinction of having a sandwich named after them. You are looking at one of them. The other is former Lobo coach Norm Ellenburger. The "Stormin' Norman" graced the menu at the old Ned's when it was on Central Ave. just east of Nob Hill.

David Stuart, seen above moving his water away from the froth of his double cappuccino, holds the honor for having the other Central Ave. sandwich named after him. His, named the David Stuart, is high on the menu at Mannie's Restaurant on the western end of Nob Hill.

Nobody else has this honor: not the mayor, governor, nor bishop. Not Don Flannegan. Not even Don "Naked Man" Schraeder. Just two: Ellenburger and Stuart. But believe it or not, what he is famous for is not the sandwich--cucumbers, sprouts, and turkey in pita bread. No...he wrote a book called The Guaymas Chronicles, judged the best book in the Southwest in 2003. Stuart, known in the book as "el guero" (whitey) details his life in Guaymas in the 60's. But here in the cafes on Central Ave., for better or worse, his name is synonymous with cucumbers, sprouts, and turkey.

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