Wednesday, January 19, 2005


NOB HILL--The imperial extravagance of the Bush coronation stands in such sorry contrast to the horror of war, the terror of natural disasters, and the fear generated in our senior citizens. Remember this day. It will be a defining moment in future history books...sort of our equivalent to "Let them eat cake." After all, there really aren't any hungry people in this world are there? We are only hurting "bad guys" aren't we? Such lying...such arrogance. Where are the morality police when the President has gone psycho.

I actually think he is taking prozac. Really. He acts so disconnected from things that should evoke an emotional response, like the tsunami. Like 911. Like war. He walks around as if in a daze.

Tomorrow is Not One Damn Dime Day. Usually you would find me drinking coffee in the Flying Star. Not tomorrow. MaryAnn and Yours Truly, Johnny_Mango will be brewing lots of coffee at our house. And serving those day-old muffins from the basket at La Montanita Co-op. Free. Most of our Flying Star coffee drinking team buddies will be here. You are also invited. We will open at 7:00AM. If you are need morning coffee in a public place, consider dropping by. Email me and I'll give you directions.

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