Monday, January 31, 2005

Monsanto Tracks Johnny_Mango Down

NOB HILL--Yesterday's post about Monsanto brought a visit from them to my humble site this morning. They got here by doing a search on themselves through Technorati. I can only assume they try to keep track of everybody that says anything about them. That is a big job. For instance yesterday, a Sunday, had 41 different posts about Monsanto. One can only surmise what they are up to. I could be mango_chutney before this is all over.


Glynn Young said...

Johnny -- there's nothing mysterious here. Occasionally I run searches on Technorati just to see what the blogosphere is saying about the company. What I'm up to is to try to understand what people are saying and why they're saying it. So I see a lot of misinformation, truthful information, opinion, occasional profanity, rants and raves from all over the world.

No one at Monsanto has told me to do this. There's no conspiracy to set up a chutney factory. Agents in black suits will not show up at your door.

johnny_mango said...

I assumed as much. The mango_chutney reference was meant as a joke. :)