Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Russell Adams Recalls Amorous Encounter On Volcano...Predicts No Eruption

NOB HILL--In an animated discussion yesterday, The Artist Russell Adams recalled having taken a date up to the volcanoes several years ago. In the middle of whatever it was that they were doing on top of the northernmost cone, Russell suddenly stopped and asked, "Do you smell something? Something humid?" Well, apparently she did not but Russell wouldn't let it go. "There is one way to see what is going on," he said. He took off his glasses and held them near a crack in their cinder hideout. They steamed up! "The northern volcano is still venting!" he shouted.

Sometimes it is not hard to tell that there really is a difference between artists and the rest of us.

Russell thinks that a good earthquake could send lava spewing all over the new downtown Rio Rancho, as well as pretty much obliterating the Eclipse Aviation factory at the westside airport. When asked if he was actually predicting an eruption, he hesitated but eventually said, "No."

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