Saturday, January 08, 2005

Weekly Dinner With Mike and Carol: The Continuing Journey of Two Couples Trying To Use Up Their Entertainment Books

NORTH VALLEY--We went to Las Mananitas tonight. It's on Rio Grande Blvd. The building used to be a stop on El Camino Real between Santa Fe and Mexico City. It also was a blacksmith shop, a bar , a pool hall, and a residence. It is old enough to still have a dirt roof over those vigas. It is, of course, roofed with tar and gravel now, but the dirt remains.

In the picture, MaryAnn crunches a chip while Mike laughs and Elda the waitress makes a wisecrack. We had a great time. Elda, it turns out, was named after her father's former girlfriend. She said her mother didn't want him to forget her name. "Mother, what were you thinking?" she said.

Go visit this place for dinner...and if you do, I hope you get Elda. What a great person to meet. We ordered chicken fajitas and chiles rellenos. Dinner for 4 with coffee (using the Entertainment Book) was $32 plus tip. She did get a big tip.

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