Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Curbcuts on the sidestreet show some carports faced that way. Other units had carports that opened from the center of the court.

These curbcuts are probably all that will be left of the Zia Lodge. I imagine the sign will be torn down, the concrete pads broken up and hauled away. One by one these motels don't seem to be much. But all together, they become part of the neon bejeweled ribbon of light that bisects the city. If only one or two are left, think about how much of that impact we would lose.

Ironically, we are building new motels on Central even as we tear these vintage buildings down. What are we doing to protect our new motels that we can't do to protect these older properties?

European cities realize the importance of historical buildings...even if they don't meet current building codes. Americans travel across oceans to see them. Interestingly, Europeans travel to America to drive Route 66 as well. One or two buildings are nice...but a 10-mile-long corridor of vintage Americana...well, let's just say those Scandinavians are already making their motel reservations. And not at the Motel 6.

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