Thursday, March 31, 2005

Judith Espinosa Opens Up in the Flying Star

NOB HILL--What luck! I had been trying to find more information about the "other" candidate for mayor and she shows up at the Flying Star this morning. Judith Espinosa has held the post of NM Secretary of the Departments of Transportation and Environment. She is currently Director of The Alliance for Transportation Research Institute. The work of the ATR Institute has a single goal: creating realistic, workable solutions in transportation that address current needs while anticipating future demand.

Readers of this blog know that transportation and the environment are two issues dear to my heart (and should be to all of us). They are changing the face of ABQ and indeed the entire Rio Grande valley. Judith has an immense amount of experience with both causes.

I asked her what the basic difference was between her and Eric Griego. She replied with a single word, "Experience." Well, she certainly has more administrative experience than Mr. Griego. Also, one would have a hard time challenging her credentials in everything from creating a sustainable environment to making a transportation system that works for us.

Electability might be the big issue for her in terms of garnering money and support. But I would say this: this election still has a few twists and turns to it...and don't count her out. Eric Griego has made a lot of enemies. Marty Chavez has not heard the last of the Evidence Room scandal. And I still suspect Hess Yntema may run despite his denials.

What may turn people on to support Judy Espinosa? For one thing her history may appeal to a lot of people. She started out getting a degree in Nursing from UNM. She went on to a Master's from UCLA, and finally a J.D. from UNM. That shows a breadth of experience and growth that is hard to beat. And for another thing when I talked to her she made a lot of sense.

One idea was that the impact fees that are drawing so much attention are just going into the general fund, rather than being set aside for the west side infrastucture. It would certainly seem to generate more trust from westsiders if that money were, in fact, earmarked for them.

So I guess what I am saying is that there may be more than one alternative to Martin Chavez to consider. Take your time. This could be interesting.


Jay R. Mueller, Esq. said...

Although Ms. Espinosa is very qualified and experienced, I think that Eric Griego is a superior candidate for Albuqueruqe's next mayor. Eric brings a fresh approach to City Hall and reinvigorates as he leads. He's my choice for our next mayor.

Anonymous said...

While Ms. Espinosa certainly has administrative experience, I think that we can see from the current scandals running like wild fire through the city that what we NEED is not another administrator, but a leader. Eric Griego has shown extraordinary leadership skills and is continually pushing for deeper investigations; trying to get to the bottom of the problems. We need honest, intellegent leadership, not another administrator.

Anonymous said...

Eric's the best choice!

Anonymous said...

I have known Judy all my life. This is anonymous only because for whatever reason, my computer won't let me log in... but my name is Mauro and Judy has shown an immense amount of leadership over the years. She has been appointed to boards, and eventually the chair of a federal government panel by President Clinton. She will bring FRESH leadership to Albuquerque and has the experience to handle the problems the city faces, yet has a common-sense approach to business-growth and environmentalism. Eric Griego, Mayor Chavez - OLD NEWS - BRING IN THE NEW alternatives not tainted by city scandals.

cathy hunter said...

Judy Espinosa is a leader and the most qualified candidate. The first two posters on this board agree she has the qualifications yet they support another candidate. Judy has the vision and experience that Albuquerque needs. I agree with the previous poster, the other two candidates are old news!

Matthew Baca said...

I've had the opportunity to work with Judy off-and-on for almost twenty years. During that time two governors chose her as a cabinet secretary, one US president chose her to develop a sustainable future for our country (she sat with the chief execs of fortune 500s, five US cabinet secretaries, and the leaders of the major national environmental groups), and the present governor has chosen her to help create water policies at a time when this precious dwindling resource could disrupt all our lives. And to top it all off she - a hispanic woman with an MPH, JD and RN degree - heads a major university research institute. My bet is that Judy is the sleeper in this race who is coming first across the finish line. And Albuquerque will definately be the better off for it.