Monday, March 21, 2005

Spring Break Means We're Outta Here And Lookin To Relax

SMITH'S @ YALE & COAL SE--MaryAnn starts to fill up the cart with items for a short vacation. No, we didn't get any potato chips. :) We might, however stop at the gas station on the way out of town to pick up a package of LCD's...Little Chocolate Donuts, that is. They are so covered with that waxy chocolate stuff that they are permanently sealed against mold or going stale. They actually do last forever.

This trip is to Arizona: Pertrified Forest, Sedona area, then maybe south to get warm. We camp out half the time and stay in motels the other half. So we have to take a lot of stuff, including food.

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Samir said...

Have a safe and fun trip!