Wednesday, March 02, 2005

E. A. Mares Reads Thursday @ UNM. It's Free.

UNM--Poet E.A. (Tony) Mares will read Thursday at 7:00 PM in UNM's Student Union Building, Santa Ana Room. Tony has a new book out: With The Eyes Of A Raptor (Wings Press, 2004). Part of the book deals with the death of his daughter.

Like a burning man in a sea of fire
I grab on to a plank of memory,
recall you and your sister
traveling with me when I acted
on make-do stages everywhere in New Mexico
I want to go on the road with you again,
play all those towns once more.
Drive, drive on forever into the sun.

That's tomorrow, Thursday, 7:00 @ the SUB, Santa Ana Room.

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