Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Judge Nakamura's Stand Against Gun-Totin' Lawmen In The Courthouse Looks Prudent Now

ROUTE 66 DINER--I was talking to Metro Court Judge Judy Nakamura tonight about the tragic shootings in the Atlanta courtroom. You might remember how Judge Nakamura stood up to the Sheriff and Police departments in ordering that their officers could not wear their weapons in the new Metro Courthouse. In fact, she was sued in the New Mexico Supreme Court by Sheriff Darren White and ABQ Police Chief Gilbert Gallegos. Judge Judy sure looks right on that issue now. More guns in the room does not necessarily lead to a safer situation.

Last night on TV a judge in Texas was showing off her shoulder holster and her .45 with a smile. She wears it under her robe. I can just imagine what it would be like with the judge, the accused, and all those lawmen drawing iron at the same moment...bullets whizzing, people diving under chairs and tables. I bet they could get off somewhere around 50 shots before things got sorted out. Considering all that, maybe that Texas judge had better pack an Uzi.

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