Sunday, March 06, 2005

A Tale Of Two Teachers

NOB HILL--Jeff Diamond is a retired kindergarten teacher. I hang out with a couple more retired men kindergarten teachers: Bob Evans and Pete Ziegler. In fact I taught kindergarten for 9 years myself. We have about 90 years of kinder experience between us. What do all four of us have in common as people that would drive us to such an unusual profession for men?
  • We like to play.
  • We are pretty even tempered.
  • We like to play.
Jeff is just back from Yellowstone...on his way to Michigan...then onto South Padre. Last year it was Washington, Europe, and Baja.

Jeff is a legend in APS...mostly for being a good, innovative teacher with a social conscience. The only time he ever got in real trouble it was for disobeying the "no Christmas tree" rule with a large classroom tree decorated with underwear for the homeless. His face still betrays something of a crafty smile over that episode. He does seem a man at peace with himself.

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