Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Canyon

TIJERAS CANYON--2 weeks from now Mike Moye and I will be standing on the Colorado/Wyoming border south of Rawlins. We'll have our bikes with us...and all our camping gear...loaded, as they say. We'll be riding across Wyoming heading northwest to the Montana border at West Yellowstone. It will take about 9 days. I gotta get in better shape!

So I road out to Tijeras this morning. I like this ride because there is a reward at the end of it: The Village Coffee House in Tijeras. Also, the part through the canyon has nice wide shoulders. Here are the pertinent details: distance to the Coffee House from the Nob Hill Starbucks is 14 miles. Distance from the 4-Hills Starbucks is 6.6 miles. Overall elevation gain is about 1000 feet from Nob Hill. This gets hot, start early.

Road bikers call this an easy ride. Well, okay. Maybe for them. But personally I am glad it is downhill all the way home.

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