Tuesday, June 07, 2005

How Baby Got Her Name

NOB HILL--"Baby" has returned to the Mango_Mansion. The painting, not the dog, was hanging downtown in a one-woman show for the last 2 weeks. We were so proud! Denise Kunz had 20 paintings on display, the subject of an earlier blog.

Baby the dog, however, has not left the house without a leash since the time she got herself trapped in the airlock of the Hollywood Video. It took us 3 days to find her and get her back. Now she won't leave the porch without her leash even if the door is left open.

I am sure many people think Baby got her name as a term of endearment. Not the case. When I first got her she was so frightened of everything that she wouldn't leave the kitchen for 3 weeks. I got her from the Humane Association, and I had to carry her out the door because she was afraid to walk past the other dogs. The man at the desk asked, "What do you want her for?"

She is such a great dog. She grew into greatness slowly, however. A friend offered me another, older dog to show Baby the ropes...and I actually accepted. "Ubu" taught Baby all she needed to know: how to drink out of the toilet, how to go down the trail first rather than last, how to find water in the wilderness, how to sleep at the door of the tent. Ubu has passed on...she is still eating both bowls of dog chow up in heaven I assume. And Baby...well, maybe her name is a term of endearment.

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