Sunday, June 26, 2005

You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up

NOB HILL--Maybe you do have an ice cream truck whose melody makes you smile. Maybe not. But do you have a 2-wheeled drummer pounding out a jungle beat? Chris Stevens tries out his rolling drumset Saturday down Tulane SE as he rehearses for a wedding. I bet it was quite an unusual affair.


Anonymous said...

Gone only 24 hrs and already missing our wild and wacky neighborhood. You've gotta love it! Sugar

Anonymous said...

My good friend Skiv! That's what we call Chris: Skiv Borealis. On the phone the other day, he told me his pic was on some ABQ blog, and I knew instantly it must be Albloggerque! What a hoot! I miss him and I miss my beloved Nob Hill. Thanks for keeping me in love with ABQ and its people and its places.