Monday, June 20, 2005

What in the world is this about? Is this meant to say "I Rock?" Or is it in the mode of the old PBS show "I, Claudius?" In that case it would be "I, Rock." Maybe it means "I Wreck." And I bet these boulders would do a bit of damage to your vehicle. Whatever it means, it sure has me thinking...just like a good poem does...or a good piece of art.


Anonymous said...

Is there only one-way?

I look at the arrow and think:
back out

I look at the red and think:

its our blood, let us bleed in
our own way


are the stones asking

'are we in the way?'


are the stones saying;

stones are forever

Loved the picture, love the brain activity in albie.

johnny_mango said...

Thanks Sheena, for both the comment and the wonderful poem. How true.