Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Scarantino excused himself and headed for the can leaving his protegee to fend for himself. Before I could ask him a question Skippy got a call on his cell phone. It must have been the Governor because he kept saying things like, "If I were you, Bill" and "Just leave Hillary to me." I was getting the impression that the Mayor's office might only be a stepping stone. Jim came back and we left. Scarantino was starting to remind me of Frank Sinatra in "Come Blow Your Horn."

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Anonymous said...

Being compared to the Chairman of the Board I take as a compliment. People who don't know the plot line to "Come Blow Your Horn" might not understand Johnny's comment. In the movie Sinatra is a babe magnet, who teaches his secrets to a young apprentice, who in turn ends up stealing away Jill St. John and Frank's other admirers.

Thanks for the great write up, Sr. Mango.