Saturday, September 04, 2004

Plunger Troubles...and Rule #1

ELK MOUNTAIN, CATRON COUNTY--222 miles from Nob Hill (by way of Apache Creek). To escape the tension of this political season, the Artist Ken Saville and I have gone camping in the Gila. Unfortunately, my Coleman stove wouldn't work. Thus, we had foil-wrapped dinners rather than spaghetti.
My Coleman stove is about 50 years old. My father bought it new and we used it extensively while I was growing up. I also use it quite a bit, running through a gallon of fuel or so each year. At any rate the plunger didn't seem to want to pressurize the gas tank: it just slipped in and out like (oh never mind)...the point is there wasn't any pressure build-up. I figured the leather washer at the end of the plunger needed some oil for a better seal. So I got some oil from the Toyota dipstick and applied it to the washer. It didn't work.
To make a long story a little bit shorter, nothing worked. Well, as I write this by lantern-light I am wondering if my lantern plunger is interchangeable with the one on the stove. We will find out in the morning!
While buying groceriesin Socorro, we bought a couple of brownies from kids having a bake sale in front of the Smith's. They were trying to earn money for a class trip to Washington DC. Yours Truly Johnny Mango buys stuff at bake sales. Why? Because I am a liberal as well as a boulevardier...and I have my own set of rules.
Rule #1 for Liberal Boulevardiers:
Get something at the bake sale.

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