Thursday, May 26, 2005

Armijo Breaks Some News in the Albuquerque Mayor Race

NOB HILL--Bernalillo County Commissioner Alan Armijo was busy reading the paper this morning in the Flying Star. But I saw a break as he turned the page and I got a quick interview.
He stated that although his campaign committee is still exploring the possibilities, and he personally thinks the race is wide open, he is leaning toward not running at this time. For one thing, it would take so much money to compete against the huge warchest of incumbent mayor Martin Chavez. But Armijo is delaying making any definitive announcement at this time.

I asked him about Brad Winter entering the race. He said Ken Zangara, the head of the Bernalillo Co. Republican party, is currently doing some polling between Winter and Bern. Co. Sheriff Darren White. I hadn't heard of the Darren White twist to the story. Armijo went on to say that White had better name recognition, but Winter would appeal more to moderates. Actually the Republicans continue to think Chavez in unbeatable in this election. They will, however, back White or Winter...depending on how their polling comes out. At least that is the prediction from this window table in Nob Hill.


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Its up to you pal - get him to run.

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