Friday, May 27, 2005

Rapid After Dark? You Bet!

NOB HILL--The Rapid Ride fleet will now be running until 3:00AM on Friday and Saturday nights starting tonight and continuing throughout the summer. The city calls the program "Rapid After Dark." The complete route with all stops is available on their website.

What a brilliant concept. Not only that, there will be a security guard on every single bus. The only thing to remember is that after 8:00PM the Rapid Ride buses will run every 20 minutes instead of the usual ten.

This brings up many possibilities:
  • Tour ABQ's neon lights on Route 66 without having to stop every other block to pick up passengers
  • Get dinner downtown and ride back for only $1. Using a transfer you can ride in any direction for approximately 3 hours.
  • Do a dinner and show and not worry about what time the last bus leaves.
  • And for God's sake, if you party downtown, leave your car at home.
This is great for both tourists and residents alike. It is a "world class" concept, on a par with the other great cities in the west.

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Benny the Wop said...

If there is one thing that Marty deserves credit for, it's this.