Monday, May 23, 2005

There Is More Than One Screwball Carrying a Camera Around Nob Hill

NOB HILL--Once sometime around 1967 or 68 a guy took a whole roll of film of me while I was picketing the Chicago draft board. I sort of stood out on that occasion, being the only person picketing that day. A friend was being inducted and had asked me to picket while he was inside. When we got back to DeKalb, home of Northern Illinois University where we were going to school, I stopped at a bar full of local boys. They were watching TV. They turned and looked at me and back to the TV. It turned out that at that very moment I was ON the TV carrying a sign by myself down at that Chicago draft board. Small world. Maybe too small, I thought...and went on down the road.

This fellow taking the picture last night in Nob Hill is definitely NOT the guy who took my picture that day in Chicago. The night was sure beautiful, and I had my camera out too.

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