Monday, May 16, 2005

Ben Gets Degree...Ruminates Over Eggplant

NOB HILL--Proud of his new degree from UNM, bul also somewhat embarrassed by the attention, Ben Baragiola, son of Ed and Claudia Baragiola, points to his healthly eggplant as if that were more interesting. Well Ben, maybe they are both important...but your folks will remember the degree longer than the eggplant. Best wishes from all of us.


Sheena said...

Du er fet!
Which is as update as I can get to street-talk Norwegian style. It translates badly which is part of its charm - 'you are fat'

animal fat being part of the staple Norwegian diet (and very dangerous to inner piping), i presume it may mean -
enriched with all the goodness that makes life so much more than just the plain old mundane motions of doing stuff.

I would, therefore, on behalf of Northern Europe, like to say how happy we are that such a wonderful person is also endowed with a such a wonderful brain.

Use it well.

We hail the marys, feed the fat buddhas, point our arses to the heavens and thump our heads on stonewalls in praise your genius.

You couldnt have happened to better persons than your family.

Lots of love from
Sheena, Melisa, Vanessa og Said

can'ttell said...

Is he single?

Claudia said...

To be clear...that's phi beta kappa, summa cum laude in French, Applied Math and Honors. Ben is on his way, as I write, to Europe for 6 weeks with his lovely girlfriend (alas, can't tell) Jillian. I will tend the eggplant.

Jon, I am utterly speechless about your mishap on Sunday. Too pendant with emotion/philosophy/the unknown. We are grateful for your continued existence... for MaryAnn, for your children, for all who know your thoughtfulness, intelligence, and gentleness.