Sunday, May 29, 2005

Speaking of minimum wage, I was SHOCKED to hear Dana Goldberg on her new radio show this weekend on 1350-AM (Progressive Talk Radio). She was bashing raising the minimum wage non-stop. She seemed totally unfamiliar with the issues and people involved. To start off she mispronounced City Councilman Heinrich's name. He happens to be the bill's sponsor. But that was only the first of many factual goofs. It sounded like she was reading a script provided to her by somebody else. In fact at one point she admitted as much.

She stated that Santa Fe will raise its minimum wage to $10.50 in a few years, and that this means that these workers will be making $70,000.00 per year. When a caller said this is faulty math, she blamed it on what she was given to read. If your head is in the game at all, you realize that her figure is over three times the actual amount ($21,840). Nor did she address the real point in Santa Fe...that if you have to work there, you can't afford to live there.

Then she went on to say that our favorite local restaurants would go out of business! Now I realize that there are two sides to this issue, but Ms. Goldberg didn't really seem to understand either side of this one. I had to turn her off. It was so much less than I had hoped for.

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