Friday, May 13, 2005

It is hard to know what to think about Mayor Chavez. Sometimes, like when he worked with UNM activists to reach an agreement on rights and guidelines for demonstrations, he seems to be great. Then he is apt to turn around and champion the opposite side of a civil rights issue. Like yesterday, he called the ACLU to task for filing for an injunction to prevent the seizure of vehicles from those arrested for DWI for the first time. (This is arrested for DWI, not convicted). The other policy concerns the use of remote or "spy" cameras to catch "red light runners."

"I've had it. I'm sick of it," Mayor Martin Chavez said Wednesday after ACLU attorneys filed a motion for an injunction. "On my watch, we are going to have these laws." And the response of his Republican ally, City Councilor Craig Loy, did not help his standing in the liberal community: "To the ACLU, no laws are good laws."

Well, like I said, I don't quite know what to think about the man. In the past I have made fun of his claiming credit for every last nice thing in the city...including this spring's surprising snow storm. And the above statements show plenty of ego. Still...there is a lot that is right with Albuquerque, and he is the Mayor.


hypowren said...

That is one ugly campaign poster. Are those letters leaning towards...the future?

Anonymous said...

Actually, they represents:
1) His Leaning to the right.
2) His leaning on the North Valley residents affected by the double-laned Montano bridge - despite his promises a long time ago that this would never happen.
3) His leaning against the JPA with Bernalillo County and his attempt to bail out on pay raises for Corrections Officers.
4) His leaning away from Margaret first, when she sided with union picketters and then when tey split up
5) His leaning on the gas pedal instead of the brake as he rear-ended another vehicle - WAS THAT A CITY VEHICLE? Uhoh sounds like another out of court settlement.
6) His leaning away from the mic when his poor kid got busted underage drinking
7) His leaning into every mic available in order to get free publicity for his Mayoral campaign despite never officially declaring his candidacy
8) His leaning over for his kiss from wealthy, Republican land developers
9) His leaning with APD as they lean away from the Evidence Room Scandal
10) His leaning back as he loosens his belt because he has a pretty fat fund for his mayoral campaign.
11) His leaning away from backing a better minimum wage because he has been directed by his Republican Backers that such an increase should come from the Federal Government as they laugh because they know that ain't happening!
12) His leaning over to get the 'puppy lover' vote by adopting and naming his opportunely named dog "Dukes" who has a website.
13) His leaning away from the Downtown Action Team because he is punishing them for not helping him out more when he ran against Jim Baca.

Colleen Pine said...

Wow, that's pretty big of "anonymous" to say all those nasty (and not always accurate) things... anonymously.

Anonymous said...

Wow Colleen,

Your attempt to smoke someone out isn't working. Your man is a sleazy media hound. Your tactic to divert attention away from the real issues isn't working. Feel free to dispute the 13 points and quit wasting space tossing red herrings.

You probably don't need to worry though. Having four-hundred-thousand dollars and the Republicans in his pocket should be enough for Marty to buy his way into office.

Thank goodness he finally decided to just come out and officially declare he was candidacy for Mayor because his ceaseless manipulation of the media was getting old.

Here's a thought for you to ponder though, I am a Democrat and I voted for Marty both times he ran for mayor and when he lost his bid to become Governor. I lost confidence in him when I saw he was pandering to the wealthy Neo-conservatives.

Now here are my contentions and reasons for them:

1) His leaning to the right - His disparaging remarks sound like a Limbaugh Republican.

2) Montano Bridge: Didn't he say all he wanted was the bridge and wouldn't push for more lanes? That has to be documented in the local newspaper archives shouldn't it?

3) JPA with Bernalillo County: Look at the Gov-TV proceedings (I think it was April 19. 2005. The week before he was on KRQE implying he was the only elected official who was there to represent the citizens of Albuquerque's interest. It is kind of funny how the Bernalillo Commissioners whooped him when he tried to pull that off with them though. It appears he does not have the power to unilaterally abrogate the city's commitment in this matter. His response was to answer an emergency phone call.

4) Margaret and the Picket line: Did Marty go over with Margaret at the National Mayor's convention?

5) Rear ending a vehicle: Physics tells me the Mayor's vehicle bumped the other vehicle from behind - That's what he was cited for. Had his foot been on the brake his vehicle would not have rolled forward. Wow, he got media attention and there was no microphone in sight!

6) His Daughter's drinking: No Press conference? Hmmm!

7) Media Hound antics: I cannot recall which local TV News station covered media time (the focus was on Marty and Governor Richardson's Press exposure) - I think it was channel 13 - If anyone out there remembers, please feel free to post the information.

8) West-side land developers are backing Marty - please provide evidence to prove otherwise. Four Hundred Thousand Dollars? WOW!

9) Evidence Room Scandal: As Albuquerque's top elected official, what are his thoughts about no charges, no arrests and no intention to prosecute anyone? ANTONE?

10) Fat fund to bankroll his Mayoral campaign: Self explanatory.

11) Minimum wage: Is he backing it at the city level, where he has direct influence over it? Nope! He's parroting the Republican Party line, "Send it to the Feds!" Now that's a Politico!

12) Dukes: Okay maybe he really loves dukes - he had a press conference for him. What about that press conference regarding teenage drinking? What about a press conference to say he was 100% behind his daughter despite her having made a mistake?

13) Downtown Action Team: Question, What is Marty doing for Downtown these days?

Anonymous said...

Addendum: Regarding item #1 - It should have read, His recent disparaging remarks about the ACLU.

Marty was pissed about the ACLU deciding to take up the charge of defending people from an illegal governmental action he has proposed to impound vehicles belonging to DWI offenders before they have been found Guilty in a court of law.

This is amazing considering Marty is a Georgetown educated Lawyer - He has no excuse for trying to deny any citizen’s right to their Federal right to Due Process. His bellicose remarks can only be interpreted one way - PANDERING! He's exploiting the current uproar over DWI and he wants to make himself out to look like he is tough on crime.

I do appreciate his implementation of another DWI unit. Now, that it came on the heels of the Evidence Room Scandal and no prosecutions coming out of that says Marty has a knack of picking and choosing when to be tough on crime. DWI offenders are a popular target. Corrupt APD personnel are not.

Anonymous said...

Colleen Pine,

You pointed out that i am anonymous and yet clicking on your name reveals you have directed people to YAHOO?

Your argument doesn't hold water. You must be one of Marty's lackeys You are ANONYMOUS too! Hilarious!!!!!!

The Voice said...

Anonymous, I just read your comments as I was waching the 10:00 news on Channel 7 (Sunday 5/15/05). Mayor Chavez just appeared in two Public Service Announcements (PSA!

One PSA featured the Mayor advising us that the roads are going to be torn up and he tied it to the San Juan Water Diversion that he is claiming credit for securing it.

The second PSA had the Mayor with his recently adopted dog, Dukes. He was in a lime green sweater. I guess that was aimed at making him loke like a regular guy. It looks like your conclusion that the 'Media Antics' as you called them, aren't stopping. They are going up not down!

I wonder where he is going to spend the four hundred grand if the city is still footing his free TV spots?

Is this Legal?

Colleen Pine said...

I'm not sure why I'm bothering with this, but "anonymous" (if that's your real name), I was attempting to direct people to my email address. I'm not cool enough to have my own website. I'm just a citizen keeping up with what's going on and what people are saying about it and weighing in every once in a while. You bring up some things that are worthy of discussion. But you seem to imply that Democrats should all think and act the same way. Unlike the GOP, Democrats are supposed to embrace diversity -- and this ought to leave room for some diversity of viewpoint. You know, given all the vitriol, one might think you are a shill for someone -- maybe one of the Mayor's opponents? Just a passing thought.

Anonymous said...


If that is your name, my real name is not 'Anonymous.' That would have been a terrible thing for my parent's to have named me don't you think? If it will make you feel any better, grab a dictionary and look up the definition of 'anonymous.'

Regarding whether you are 'wasting time' - well that depends. Are you referring to wasting time trying to reveal who I am or are you wasting time because you refuse to address the 13 points? That's your call - personally, I think you are wasting time because you are not refuting the points. My bet is that you can't.

There are many reasons for posting anonymously Colleen. As Mayor, Martin Chavez is arguably one of the most powerful men in the city. Speaking out against him could be dangerous for ones employment, economic standing and political health as it were. Despite your effort to paint me as a shill, I am not going to give you the satisfaction of knowing who I am. Instead, I am challenging you to refute any of the 13 points I have brought up.

You have now posted TWO responses attempting to impugn my integrity because I have posted as 'Anonymous' - You still have NOT addressed any of the allegations which begs the question, “Who's shill are you?”

Not everyone who asks questions about the Mayor is out to get him. My concern is who he is in bed with politically and what that spells for the city's well-being. The man talks out of both sides of his mouth. He is self-seeking and cares only about his agenda which is not necessarily synonymous with the city's current or future well-being.

For example let's look at the issue of water conservation and urban sprawl. On the one hand he talks about water conservation and on the other; he is pushing for urban sprawl. The aquifer is draining faster than it is filling. Colleen we live in a desert and Martin Chavez policies are seriously threatening this city's future.

Now the, 'Woe is me, I don't have a blog!" argument is kind of lame. The point is you left in your address as the yahoo website. How can people reach you on Yahoo's main page? You aren't that dumb. Put your e-mail address where it is specified if you don't want to be anonymous. But, it sure looks suspicious!

You want dialogue? Start talking - about the issues. Aside from your objection with who I am, where do you stand on the 13 points? Dispute the issues! Put up or shut up. Otherwise, you are going to end up looking like one of Martin Chavez' "not-anonymous but really anonymous supporters."

gypsyrose said...

Well, in my opinion every Democrat should support certain core values, one of them being to support rising wages for our working class citizens. In this, the Mayor fails miserably. Miserably. His cop-out on the fair wage proposal is as bad as that of Repub Sally Mayer. Oh yeah, we should wait for the feds to act. They haven't raised the minimum wage since 1997. I won't hold my breath.

By the way, the rumor is that Chavez is a supporter of Mayer. Zowsa. Anti-working class AND pro Wal-Mart. Not Democratic in my book.

Anonymous said...

Amen Gypsyrose,

I'm really not here to say how Democrats should vote. I just want ptople to open their eyes and consider the 13 points. Agree or Disagree but base your responses on factual information. That's all!

Coleen Pine wrote, "But you seem to imply that Democrats should all think and act the same way. Unlike the GOP, Democrats are supposed to embrace diversity"

I am not 'seeming to imply anything.' But I heartily believe, if 'embracing diversity,' as you calli it, is sticking your nose under wealthy Republican land developer's butts and ignoring the people your party represents then, like you, Mayor Chavez is nothing but a Republican in Deomcrat's clothing

Martin Chavez had a perfect opportunity to come out on the side of a fair living minimum wage in Albuquerque where he is most definitely the biggest fish in the political pond. Instead, he dodged the issue and parroted the Republican Party Line. In short, he kicked wage earning voters to the curb. They don't have deep pockets so, they don't have a voice with the mayor. They couldn't buy his vote. Marty has made pile of enemies in his years as Mayor and his politics reveal he is nothing a boot-licker for the Big Monied interests of this town. Hopefullt these people he has forgotten him will remember what he did to them come election day.

By the way Colleen, if you can use words like 'vitriol,' then you are definitely notstupid enough to leave the address for Yahoo's main page. You are no more of 'an average citizen' than Martin Chavez is a common man. You are one of his minions - probably on the payroll to yell, 'fire!'in meetings where the Mayor is getting his butt kicked.

Finally, I haven't picked anyone to vote for yet because I don't really know any of the other candidates but I have to tell you, right now anyone but Marty sounds good to me. The man simply has zero integrity. Zero! Nada! Zilch.

I must admit, it is kind of funny to see the Mayor in the ad promoting bicycle riding and bike trails with hise extra-wide butt on the bike with the rear tire all squashed. It is very clear that boy isn't a bicyclist. Why does he always have to be on every ad about the city? What's next? Oh wait, I know! He's going to have an ad showing how he's responsiblefor the sun coming up in the east!

Coco said...

Marty is a Westland heir, right?

Coco said...

...or hier either, right?

The Voice said...

Pimpin aint easy! That's fo Sho!

Check out the new Bike promo!

Rock the gangsta vote y'all

Peace out

Maverik said...

Come on, give Martin Chavez a break. Its called incumbancy, an incumbant has advantages like public service announcements. Martin Chavez has done a great job and none of you can possibly tell me that a hick like Brad Winter or an ultra liberal like Eric Griego could do a better job. Sure hes done a few less than perfect things but he has rectifyed those mistakes a million times over with all of his accomplishments.
-balanced the citys budget
-put more money into public saftey leading to lower crime rates
-brought water to our thirsty city with San Juan Chama
-revitalized downtown
-brought albuquerque unprecedented economic prosperity
And the list goes on. The plan to restripe Montano is a good one which will help elivate traffic congestion. His kid and wife are not fair game. Gil Gallegos not Mayor Chavez ran the evidence room.I cant blame a cadidate for not campaigning, which takes money. The argument against mayor Chavez is a feeble and weak one at most so, keep em coming Griego/Winter wimps!

Michael said...

"Mayor Chavez is nothing but a Republican in Deomcrat's clothing"

Bingo. If you want to vote for someone who truely represents democratic values you'll vote for Griego.

Marty has proven time and again he's a Republican at heart.

Anonymous said...

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