Monday, May 30, 2005

Remnants of POW Camp Still Visible in South Valley

JUST OFF THE SOUTH VALLEY BIKE TRAIL--If you want to track down history you better be prepared to get off the trail once in a while. Here the Beautiful MaryAnn peers through an old chain-link fence at the ground that once housed prisoners-of-war during WWII. Toby Smith, in a wonderful article that appeared in Sunday's ABQ Journal, stated that POW's were held just north of Schwartzman's farm. These were German soldiers, veterans of Rommel's African campaign.

MaryAnn and I rode the ditchbanks between 2nd St. and the bikepath looking for the site. We found Schwarztman's farm. We found what we took to be the camp. And we found an 8-foot high chain-link and barbed wire fence surrounding everything. Kind of a heavy duty fence for just a farm...but surely an appropriate fence for a POW camp.

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my father was there till released fell in love w/a lady from amarillo that's where i came in i'am told