Monday, May 16, 2005

Johnny_Mango Tries To Buy the Farm

NOB HILL--I have to thank ALL my neighbors today, including Sean, the guy across the street. Yesterday I was eating barbeque pork on our front porch when a big piece got stuck in my throat. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't cough it up. I ran into the front yard trying to attract some attention. Several neighbors ran over, called 911, and tried to help. I managed to breathe somewhat by bending over. The stuff was still in my throat, but I could breathe. Thanks everyone for being there. The ambulance came and was going to take me to Presbyterian Hospital, but they were full! So we went to Anna Kaseman. And then back to Pres. by car since the specialist was there. They did some kind of "procedure" on me in the emergency room which involved sticking a TV camera down my throat as well as a pair of vice-grips, a trained duck, and two Navy Seals in a mini-sub.

The food was stuck in my esophagus. They managed to pull some of it out and poke the rest down through. I don't remember too much after the initial dive into my throat. But "THANKS" everybody. While I was running around in the front yard, I thought I was going to die.


AbqAvgJoe said...

Thank Heaven you are alive Jon. Albuwquerque would be that much the less without you.

chantal said...

Mon Dieu, Johnny_Mango! Where would Albuquerque be without its very own Studs Terkel? Glad you pulled through.