Saturday, April 09, 2005

7th Grade Crush

Old Main Library, EDO--MaryAnn and I went down to the special collections library by the old ABQ High School to see an exhibit of 700 Albuquerque postcards. It was worth it. The collection is being broken in smaller segments and will be rotated through the library branches.

After looking at the postcards, we wandered through the reading room and into the Center for the Book. This room houses a collection of printing presses which are very interesting in a historical sense. But one of the presses caused me an emotional reaction. It was like looking at an instrument of torture.

I had used an identical press in Lincoln Junior High School, Rockford, Illinois. The year was 1955. I was in 7th grade, and like every boy in the school, I was in Print Shop. And this press, the big electric press, dominated the front of our classroom and threatened us with instantly crushing our little 12-year-old hands if we made a mistake.

The following material is presented to give some perspective in this day of electronic font selection, keyboarding, and desktop publishing.

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