Monday, April 04, 2005

A Sunday Hike in the Sandia Mountains

ELENA GALLEGOS TRAILHEAD--This looks like trouble. Six weekend wanderers and 2 dogs head into the Sandia Wilderness for a day hike. Following The Artist Ken Saville, our trails get smaller and smaller...until we are following the barest hint of a trail...bent grass. Besides Ken and myself, our party included Mike and Lisa English and Ed and Michelle English who are visiting from Spokane.

Nobody voted Ken to be the leader on the's just that he wouldn't follow anyone else. So we followed him over hills and around trees, through brambles and briar patches, between cactus spikes and snake holes, tunneling headdown through tiny holes in the snarls of stickers, spines, and pointy wooden daggers.

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Anonymous said...

awesome!! I made the blog. Your readership should about double since I sent it on to just about everyone I know. thanks John and what a great hike that was. Lisa