Thursday, April 07, 2005

NOB HILL--This painting, "Kafa," is one of my favorites. The reflections lead the viewer in, out, and across the surface of the table. What a piece. It is based on an espresso pot from Sarajevo given to her by her son. Claudia lives in Nob Hill and can be seen driving to Starbucks early darn near every morning.

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Sheena said...

My - at the moment - favourite painting.

It tells me my kids are allright and I am allright, even if I swill down the expresso by the pot rather than these silly wee fancy mocca thimbley things.

What do I see in the picture? I see dearest friend,my son-in-law Said from Morocco, my daugher Vanessa's spoon, my daughter Melisa who worked in a 'dear god, not Starbucks-cafe' in Sydney and then - all of us who have had to, over the years, 'swallow many a camel' - (Norwegian saying that I am sure you are unfamiliar with, Jon?)

And of course all the love and fear that lies in, around and behind that which we see.

Thank you for giving and sharing.

PS: Happy Birthday fellow sheep, Mary Ann!!