Thursday, April 14, 2005

Tar Beach

NOB HILL--When I was a college student in Chicago, the first warm day of spring was a ritual in seasonal celebration.
  • Meister Brau started selling bock beer again. It only happened in the spring. Rumor was that it was vat-cleaning time. Russell Adams asserts that this is in fact the case.
  • Everybody takes their beer and a chair and goes up on the roof. Tar beach. In Chicago, the roof was about the only open space one could find. Of course, we are talking about rows of 5-story apartment buildings.
I love to see it, a genuine by-god rite of spring! Ojo, boys, cuidado...and say "Hello" to spring fever.

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NewMexiKen said...

I feel cheated. At the University of Arizona the first warm day of spring was followed by the last warm day of winter.