Thursday, April 28, 2005

Coming back to town was just as great as going out. You get these wonderful views of Anchorage with the mountains in back of her. And the day was SO beautiful for biking. I have a thought here. Instead of people saying, "I'm going to start getting in shape as soon as I get back from vacation."...why not start training to get in shape FOR your vacation?


Anonymous said...

The pictures were all so wonderful that I had trouble choosing one to comment on. I figured you would probably get a few on the faux jockstrap post, so I chose this one instead. This picture made me REALLY wish I were on that bike ride with you. How beautiful. Miss you, Sugar. PS Glad the moose was next to the path and not on it!

johnny_mango said...

It really was so beautiful. And I wished you were with me the whole time.