Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Fort Had Heard of the Tribune...Couldn't Recall Albloggerque or Duke City Fix

NOB HILL--Last week I posted a story about the Bosque Redondo and Fort Sumner. I had a nice long lens shot of the new memorial. That was because I was not allowed to get close enough to it for anything else. We saw ABQ Tribune writer Ollie Reed out there. He's a good friend of The Artist Ken Saville and in fact I have emailed him once or twice with story ideas (not that he has needed any). We didn't get to talk to him at any length because the head of the Fort Sumner State Monument was taking him in his truck for a personal tour of the new building.

Last Saturday Ollie's feature on the Bosque Redondo and Fort Sumner appeared in the Albuquerque Tribune. I wish that I had been invited to go on that tour. Newspapers don't publish many photos, but you know that I do. We would have had some GREAT close-ups of that new building designed by David Sloan.

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