Thursday, April 07, 2005

Click On These For a Better Look

NOB HILL--MaryAnn took these pictures at the home and studio of her good friend, Claudia Baragiola. The working title of this painting is "Dots." There is something about the way the enigmatic quality of the items in the still life contrast with the unifying effect of the palette that transcends the canvas. In the back of my mind, while thrilled with the beauty before me, something is nagging at my consciousness: Why is the plate broken? What about the dots? Is the snow out the window part of the story?

Many of Claudia's paintings lead the viewer outside the assemblage, like the snow visible outside through the window. Is it something like that line of escape on a Navajo rug?

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Elvis said...

Maybe this painting is a window into the psyche of Claudia's mind?